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Clayton Andrew is a 24-year-old Indie-Pop artist currently based in Los Angeles, CA. Originally from a rural town outside of St. Louis, Missouri, Clayton began his journey as an artist at a young age while quietly crafting songs in his bedroom. Being inherently introverted, Andrew's creativity was often overshadowed by fear of speaking out. With his music, he found a way to make his voice heard, and as ECHO Magazine puts it, “Clayton Andrew, with his unique sound, is on the rise to stand out in the music industry with his authentic songs about life, love, and self-confidence”. At seventeen, he ventured to Chicago, where he studied songwriting before ultimately moving to Los Angeles the following year to continue his musical journey. While focusing on songwriting, he began to fall in love with the art of music production. After much dedication and self-study, he developed the skill of transforming his songs into complete visions of work. Since his venture into production, Clayton has now released 8 self-written and produced singles along with a 6 song EP entitled “Love with Strangers” released in 2020. After beginning to build an audience on Tik Tok, Clayton began to resonate with listeners and soon after the release of “Love with Strangers” was featured as one of Pop Culturalist’s artists to watch. As a part of the LGBTQ+ community, Clayton hopes he can help others who struggle to find their voice, just as he did all those years ago. 

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